Tuesday, August 18, 2009

places to meet people: give back cincinnati

i can't remember if avani or i have posted about give back cincinnati before, but i just wanted to give it a shout out as an awesome way to meet people. if you have not heard of it, it is an organization focused on providing volunteer opportunities, mostly to the "young professional" demographic (sorry to put that in quotes but you guys know how i feel about that phrase) but there are plenty of people both older and younger than that age group who participate as well.

i was just talking to a friend the other day who was asking whether give back was a good way to meet people. i realized that i don't think we have actually talked about it on here before and so we totally need to. if you are interested in meeting people while doing volunteer projects, give back is definitely for you.

every event is set up so that you can just sign up, do the event, go to an after party or bar (if you want), and then you are on your way. you are not required to make a long term commitment to anything, although you can go to as many events as you like. most things are free or pretty cheap which is also awesome. everyone is really nice and friendly and you will definitely make new friends.

coming up in the next couple weeks there are two really cool events. this saturday is the give back challenge which is a scavenger hunt where you will go around the city with a team looking for clues and doing trivia (i think). i am not sure what the prize is, but who cares? then next saturday there is the emery jam, a fundraiser at the emery theater, which give back has been working to restore for the past several years. that event is to raise money for the trip to guatemala this fall.

that brings up another great thing about give back... they do volunteer trips every year through give back beyond cincinnati, which are another great way to get to know people. avani and i went on the trip to new orleans this year and it was awesome and we did some really good work and met a lot of great people. and let me tell you after you spend a week sweating your ass off and barely sleeping, you get to know people pretty well. give back also does an international trip every year. you do have to pay for these trips, but it is totally worth your money and your time because you are having a lot of fun, connecting with lots of new awesome people, and doing something that you can feel good about.

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